Marta Caldas is a painter and photographer born by the sea in Spain´s lush northern coast, later moving to the sub-tropical Canary Islands. Overridingly influenced by the contrasting sunlight, myriad colours of the sea and wild life in these locations, she explores the magic of Nature in her artwork.

Her extensive visual arts education at London´s Blake College and London College of Fashion, under the tutelage of Rowena Luke in Brighton, at Brian Bomeisler´s New York atelier and Alejandro Decinti´s Madrid studio, covers painting, sculpture, ceramics, illustration, fashion & textile design, photography and the latest digital techniques. Andrew Wyeth, Marc Chagall, Les Lalanne, and Spain´s contemporary and Old Masters are major influences in her aesthetic vision.

It all comes together in her very own modern vision of volume and colour, eminently pictorial and remarkable artistic quality. Her photographic work looks as if built up in a series of successive oil painting glazes. Composition is her forte, producing paintings and photographs that stimulate the senses and stir emotions.

Her work is held in private collections. Her current body of work comprises paintings, photographs and her textile design studio. She now lives in Madrid.


My painting and photographic artwork is a meticulously crafted rendering of masses and hues, conveying a sense of calm beauty.

The sway of the sea, the movement of the waves, the intriguingly intricate patterns in flowers, trees and underwater life permeates throughout my photographic artwork, reflecting my own perception of Nature, far beyond reality.

I use traditional classical painting techniques in dynamic new ways to build deep values and rich colours. For optimum results, I create my work with the latest digital technology and use only the best painting materials and tools available.